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In my fine art minimalist photography, I strive to capture the essence of simplicity and evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. I am fascinated by the power of minimalism to distill a scene down to its most essential elements, stripping away distractions and leaving behind a pure visual experience.

I approach each photograph with a meticulous attention to detail, carefully composing my shots to create a sense of balance and harmony. Every line, curve, and negative space is thoughtfully considered, aiming to achieve a visual balance that is pleasing to the eye.


I believe that simplicity can be incredibly powerful, and it is through the removal of extraneous elements that the true essence of a subject can be revealed.

Ultimately, my goal as  fine art photographer is to transport the viewer to a place of quiet reflection and introspection.


I want my images to serve as a visual respite from the chaos of the modern world, inviting viewers to slow down, take a breath, and find solace in the simplicity that surrounds us.

Through the interplay of light and shadow, form and space, I aim to create images that resonate on an emotional level, leaving a lasting impression and igniting a dialogue between the viewer and the photograph. I hope that my work not only captivates the eye but also encourages a deeper exploration of our own perceptions and experiences.

My work has been shown in galleries in Canada, Europe and the US and has also been published in Noir Magazine, Artistonish, Black and White Minimalist Magazine and Black and White Magazine in the UK.

RICK BOGACZ_by Rick_Bogacz.jpg


  • Honorable Mention - Art Photography, Best Photography Awards (May 2024)

  • Exhibiting Artist - Quiet Landscapes Exhibition - Photoplace Gallery, Vermont (April 2024)

  • Monochrome Exhibition - Loosenart - Millepiani Exhibition Space, Rome (October 2023

  • Contributor to Summer Art Exhibition – Blue Crow Gallery, Toronto (June 2023)

  • Exhibiting Artist - Nourish Group Show, Cotton Factory Gallery, Hamilton, (April 2023)

  • Group Show Participant - Scene and Meaning, PH21 Gallery, Barcelona (March 2023)

  • Exhibiting Artist - Horizons Photography Show, Twist Gallery, Toronto (Jan. 2023)

  • Exhibizone - Emptiness 2022 international online group exhibition (Dec. 2022)

  • End of Year Exhibition, Glasgow Gallery of Photography (Dec. 2022)

  • Black and White Juried Exhibition, Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis (Nov. 2022)

  • Honorable Mention - Prix de la Photographie de Paris (August 2022)

  • Featured Artist, Noir Magazine, (September 2022)

  • Featured Artist – Humana Obscura, (Fall/Winter Edition 2022)

  • Honorable Mention, Landscape Series – Monovision Photography Awards (July 2022)

  • Featured Artist, LandEscape Anniversary Edition (July 2022)

  • Featured Photographer, Fine Art, Noir Black and White Magazine, Issue #6 (July 2022)

  • Contributing Artist – Artistonish, (June 2022 issue)

  • Featured Artist, Salon Section – Black and White Photography Magazine UK (July 2022)

  • Featured Artist, Fine Art, Noir Black and White Magazine, Issue #5 (May 2022)

  • Exhibiting Artist – Group Photography Show, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto (May 2022)

  • Featured Artist – Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art Magazine (Original Ten Edition) (April 2022)

  • Honorable Mention – Wild Photo Awards, (April 2022)

  • Nominee, Landscape and Fine Art Categories – Fine Art Photography Awards (April 2022)

  • Black and White group show at Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece (April 2022)

  • Landscapes, group show at Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis (Dec. 2021)

  • Black and White 2022 show, Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon (Feb. 2022)

  • Epiphany Exhibition - Capital Culture House Gallery, Madrid (Dec. 2021)

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